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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lazy Thursday

We all have them...lazy days where you come home from work already tired, and the prospect of spending an hour+ cooking a meal just sounds too daunting. These, my friends, are take-out nights!
Tonight Doug and I are having a lazy night and decided to order some Thai delivery. Thai is one of my favorite cuisines for both going out to eat and getting take-out because there are just so many vegetarian and vegan friendly options.
Our go-to place here in North Park is Street Side Thai has super convenient online ordering and some favorite dishes we like to order. I LOVE Thai noodle dishes and usually order Pad See Eau or Drunken Noodles...tonight I went with the latter.
I order my noodles without the customary egg and typically get tofu or vegetables (rather than chicken or another meat); I like spicy food, but also like to enjoy the actual process of eating, so I order mild =)
So no cooking or recipes tonight, just lots of effortless noodle yumminess!
Have a beautiful lazy Thursday night!

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