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Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Blog

While making dinner this evening I made a rather spur of the moment decision to start a blog. During my sophomore year of college my boyfriend and I decided to become vegetarians (not strict, but lacto-ovo). Our decisions were almost entirely based on animal welfare reasons, as we felt a moral obligation after becoming more informed of the realities of farmed meat.

For the last four years we have remained meat-free. In this lifestyle I have been content, but have also always sensed that I would someday want more commitment; essentially I knew that someday I would go fully vegan. This feeling became a reality about four months ago, after I read Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Diet which had been given to me as a gift. After reading her book, I felt I had an obligation to myself and my health, as well as to the animals and our planet, to go vegan.

Since then I have had slips, but ultimately I know that this is the lifestyle for me. With no change to my exercise regimen, I have lost nearly 17 lbs. without counting calories; I feel great, have more energy, and just generally feel that my body is operating better and more efficiently. Simply by eliminating dairy and eggs and by focusing on putting only whole, healthy foods into my body, I have become a heightened version of myself.

Along the way I have discovered some amazing new foods that I may never have learned of otherwise, and I have come to rediscover the joy of cooking and experimenting with new recipes. Thus I have decided to chronicle some of these recipes as I make them; I will include the recipes and their sources, as well as pictures and an opinion of the final result. I hope that in this way I can continue to grow my library of vegan knowledge and perhaps share some great recipes with other inquiring minds. I am intent on spreading the word on how amazing veganism can make you feel and be!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

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